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BWChart for Synnaeve&Bessière’s StarCraft replays

BWChart is an interesting tool for a high-level analysis of StarCraft replays. Part of its usefulness is that you don’t need to run StarCraft in contrast with BWAPI-based analysers. On the other hand, you can grab limited information from them. Maybe one of the most useful information is about Build Orders (it shows the most popular ones, you can filter by race, include units/tech, etc.).

Gabriel Synnaeve and Pierre Bessière released a dataset and a replay package consisting of 7649 replays. It is listed in this page, at the time of this writing (Nov/2016) as [R3].

However, BWChart crashes on many of these replays. A group of four people tracked and listed those replays, and here I provide a guide on how to filter out those bad guys.

Before starting, let’s acknowledge the four people that tracked all the bad replays:

Amanda Santos
Evandro Lucas
Otávio Silva
Pedro Neves

1) Grab the replay pack

You’ll probably be able to download it from here:
Extract all of its content, except folder ‘bogus’ in a directory of your preference. From now on, we’ll refer to it as <replays_dir>

3) Run the replay filter

Download and extract all the content of ‘ into <replays_dir>.

Execute ‘RemoveBadReplays.bat’.

4) Get your replays analysed

Open BWChart and point its ‘Replay directory’ to <replays_dir>. When you confirm your ‘Replay directory’, BWChart will start analysing and will probably enter ‘Not responding’ state in Windows. Don’t worry and just wait until it finishes, it really takes some minutes. It will be doing fine as long as no crash-related message pops up in your PC. You can track BWChart’s activity by looking at how ‘replays.txt’ and ‘buildorders.txt’ are growing in size (they can be located in the same directory as BWChart or somewhere under ‘My Documents’.

If everything goes well, you can delete the ‘badreplays*.txt’ and ‘RemoveBadReplays.bat’ under <replays_dir> and enjoy your statistics in BWChart.


The four people that tracked all the bad replays:

Amanda Santos
Evandro Lucas
Otávio Silva
Pedro Neves

The procedure used to delete the replays in the batch script was found at:

6) Problems

If you face any problems, please contact me with the problem you are facing. Please provide as many details as you can.